CUBA offers so much at the moment. It is an unspoilt island. As you land in Havana you will immediately feel the vibe of the city! Havana is full of life –music and dance is on every corner. Salsa is everywhere. Old Havana is a fascinating city with amazing architecture just waiting to be restored. There is evidence that some restorations had begun but the lack of finances and materials hinder the progress. The people speak openly of their hope for the future when the USA will lift the embargo. Go before this happens!

The Cuban people are friendly and welcoming. Although poor, they seem happy. Their lives are simple. You will soon learn that to enjoy Cuba, you have to accept the locals’ philosophy – make do with what you have. So one may ask “what is a Cuban breakfast?” the answer – whatever we have!

Once outside of Havana the Vinales valley is a green contrast to Havana. It is wonderful to enjoy the cool green valley.

In Trinidad de Cuba, Salsa comes to life! This town has beautiful cobble stone streets and is a UNEXCO Wordl Heritage Site. Nearby are beaches where you can experience the beautiful clear waters with the locals.

For those who want to relax in a modern resort Veradero provides a wonderful beach . It is hard to resist the warm, clear turquoise waters and the all inclusive rates provided unlimited drinks! It is the place to lose count of the Pina Coladas and cervezas (beer)! A decadent end to a great holiday destination.

Seasonal Travel

Cuba's subtropical climate is generally pleasant. Temperatures vary moderately, averaging 22°C in Winter and 28°C in summer. Heaviest rains occur in May/June and September/October. The northeastern trade winds provide a gentle breeze all year round.

Cuba has only two distinct seasons The dry season runs from December to April and is a great time to visit Cuba.

The rainy season falls between May and November. Humidity averages 78%, and often creeps higher in the summer months. Cyclones may occur between June and November


Walk around Old Havana (Habana Vieja) and take in the sights and sounds. There is music on every corner. You don’t have to look far to see the vintage cars – some in good repair, others with their hoods up and a group of Cubans devising a way of making it run again. You can tour new Havana in one of the restored vintage cars.

Salsa dancing is a must. Don’t forget to have a salsa lesson and visit the squares and bars where everyone dances. Plaza de Cathedral offers a sample of these.

Beer. You must try the Taberna de la Muralla in Calle San Ignacio (on the corner of Calle Muralla), Plaza Vieja, La Habana Vieja. Here you can try a pint of the home-brewed amber or dark beer.

Behind the bar are large copper brewing tanks Or if you have a few friends order a dispensa, a tall, clear glass tube filled with beer, featuring a spout at the bottom and a thinner tube filled with ice running up its center. A great ways to spend a few hours cooling off!

Visit the Cigar Factory the Partagas Factory in Havana. Here you will see a real working factory and see the various stages of producing these fine cigars. You can buy the genuine thing here.

If you are interested in the history of this fascinating country go to the Museo de la Revolucion. Housed in the presidential palace of the 1950’s dictator General Batista, there are three storeys of history here. Nearby is the Palacio de Bellas Artes, an amazing collection of Cuban art.

Eating isn’t a problem in Havana. There are many places to eat from local cafes to the more expensive restaurants as well as the Paladares which are privately owned houses who have a permit to seat 12 people (of course a Cuban 12!) some of these have interesting and worthwhile food. Certainly worth a try!

Leaving Havana , you will discover the world outside this wonderful city, The green Vanales Valley is a pleasant contrast to Havana and worth a visit.

Trinidad de Cuba like Habana Vieja is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here you will see the cobble stone streets and Spanish influenced architecture. The Afro-Cuban beat is strong here. You must go to the Casa de la Musica. Located up a broad flight of stairs, you will find traditional Cuban bands as well as modern salsa bands playing every night and of course the dancing! If you have time take a day trip out to Playa del Ancon where you will find beautiful white sandy beaches.

Santa Clara. The land of Che Guevara – visit the Che Memorial. You will see how the Cubans love their hero!

Varadero has 20 kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters. Great for a few days of relaxing and self indulgence!