Cambodia is a fascinating country, surrounded by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It is well known for its recent tragic history when the Pol Pot regime created the horrific Killing Fields but Cambodia has moved on and it is here that you will see the amazing Angkor Wat Temples and see a country blessed with beautiful scenery.

Seasonal Travel

November – February: Cool and dry 
March – May: Hot and dry . Temperatures can be 35 Degrees Celsius 
June – August: Hot and wet 
September – Early November: Cool and wet

Maximum daily temperatures range from the high 20°Cs in January to more than 40°C in April. Daily minimum temperatures are usually no less than 15°.


The most visited temple is Angkor Wat but, the complex consists of more than 100 temples of different shapes and sizes. You should allow 3 days to visit this area and take a trip to the Floating Villages.

The temples of Angkor represent 600 years (802-1432) of Khmer civilisation - one of Asia's greatest kingdoms. Rise early this to see sunrise at the magnificent Angkor Wat, before thoroughly exploring the world's largest religious structure. This architectural masterpiece was built in the 12th century, took 30 years to complete and represents the Khmer civilisation at its grandest. Other temples in the complex include Srah Srang, the fabulous Ta Prohm Temple, embraced by the roots of enormous fig trees and gigantic creepers and the small twin temples – Chau Say Tevoda and Thommanon.

Phnom Penh has many historical and cultural attractions. Although you will see reminders of the Khmer Rouge , there is also the finest collection of Khmer sculpture in the National Museum .The Silver Pagoda and Royal Palace grounds, despite their massive looting at the hands of the Khmer Rouge, are also impressive testaments to the artistic skills of the Khmers.

After the visiting the many temples, spend a few days unwinding on one of Cambodia's beautiful beaches. Kep or Sihanoukville beach boast exquisite white sands and crystal blue waters.

Or take a trip cycling to Ream Maritime National Park with its mangrove forests, offshore coral reefs and fishing villages.

Many hotels are seeing the potential of Cambodia as a destination. Visit it before it becomes too "developed"!