South America

South America is vast, exciting and vibrant! There are so many facets of this beautiful continent but here are a few highlights.

Argentina is the place to get immersed in Latin Culture. Buenos Aires is a modern city with a European feel - elegant architecture, fine boulevards, plazas parks , museums and theatres . There are many fascinating districts in Buenos Aires from upmarket Recoleta to the antique markets and tango filled streets of San Telmo to La Boca, distinguished by its brightly painted houses. The leather shopping is exceptional!

The mighty Iguazu Falls are an overwhelming experience. Visit both the Brazilian and Argentinian side. An overnight visit is a must to give you the time to do the magnificent walk around the Falls!

Rio De Janiero provides a wonderful backdrop of wooded mountains and a deep blue sea studded with rocky islands. The views are stunning from The Statue of Christ to the Conical Sugar Loaf Mountains. Rio is a vibrant city with lots of restaurants and of course Brazilian Samba Shows.

Peru is a highlight and a must for a visit to South America. It is here that you will experience amazing history and sights. No words can describe the awe-inspiring site of Machu Picchu, whether you choose to do the challenging Inca Trail or travel in comfort on the train to the village of Agus Calinetas – a great village to station yourself for your bus trip up to Machu Picchu. While in the area visit the Pisac Market and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Cuzco provides a great place to acclimatise before your trip to Machu Picchu. Lima is also worth a visit. It is here that you will see perfectly preserved building from the Colonial Period.

Take the time to visit tranquil Lake Sandoval in the Amazon.

South America offers a lot more and justice cannot be done to this great Continent.

Seasonal Travel

This is entirely dependent on what countries you intend to visit. As a guide, the above highlights are worth visiting in March - April and September-October.


Buenos Aires – Tango Dancing, Eva Peron’s mausoleum , The Avenida 9 de Julio. Teatro Colon (a magnificent opera house) San Telmo markets with its cafes, antique shops and tango! La Boca the old port district with brightly painted tin and wooden houses.

Iguazzu Falls form the Brazilian and Argentinean side – amazing.

Peru – Machu Picchu – awe inspiring. Not to be missed! Pisac Markets – try to get there on a Sunday Sacred Valley of the Incas

Rio De Janeiro – Samba Dancing, Ipanema and Copacabana Beach , Sugar Loaf Mountain, Corcovado, the cable car ride and the great coffee houses in Rio. So much more!!